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How does it relate to the cryptocurrency of Facebook, the Australian government and Ukrainian musicians

How does it relate to the cryptocurrency of Facebook, the Australian government and Ukrainian musicians

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Facebook partially lifted the ban on advertising cryptocurrency
Previously, Facebook completely banned any ICO advertising and all cryptocurrency. Now management has become more supportive of cryptoassets.Yesterday, the management of the social network partially canceled the ban on advertising cryptocurrency on its site. Now users will be able to place advertising, which relates to cryptocurrencies and similar topics. But it is still prohibited to advertise ICO.Companies that want to advertise should provide Facebook with a set of data.
Among the necessary information must be a license, listing data on the exchange, as well as public data about the business.This information will allow Facebook employees to decide whether to advertise from a particular advertiser. And of course, not everyone will get permission.The management of the social network declared its readiness to regularly review the latest trends in the field of digital currencies and to make changes in its policy.
Regulator of Australia: national cryptoassets currencies are not necessary for the modern economy
The regulators of Australia and New Zealand are not ready to launch the national cryprocurrency. One of the reasons for this decision is the poor demand for these assets. This statement was made by the head of the payment policy department of the Reserve Bank of Australia Tony Richards.He believes that there is no need now to issue a new form of payment means.Also, Richards said that cryptocurrency, especially in bitcoin, has drawbacks. For example, commissions and problems with management.
In general, the financial controller is confident in the non-competitiveness of cryptoassets.A participant in the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Jeff Baskad believes that the Cryptocurrency is unstable and does not have enough advantages.This month, the Central Bank of South Korea also spoke out against the launch of the national cryptocurrency, because it is not effective enough.
Ukrainian music band wrote a song in honor of the blockchain
Musicians from the band Off Lines have written a song about the technology of the distributed registry called "The Hymn of the Blockchain".With this song, we express our respect for engineers in the field of blockchain technologies and optimism about the future of this sphere, the group's members say.Off Lines was created by the Kiev cryptoenthusiast Roman Plekan. In the writing of music for the hymn, the frontman of the Ukrainian group Fontaliza Pavel Holoshev also took part.
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