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Cryptobeach, a bicycle for mining and the first thriller about the cryptocurrency

Cryptobeach, a bicycle for mining and the first thriller about the cryptocurrency

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Entrepreneurs of South Korea seek to open Cryptobeach
South Korea seeks to create a blockchain community, similar to Cryptodolin in Switzerland, but only in Pusan. Korea needs a place where it is possible to actively develop the sphere of cryptoassets, - Chang Gin said.The blockchain space will have the name "Cryptobeach". It is expected that it will be based in one of the districts of Pusan, which is the tourist center of South Korea. Already at the end of the summer, negotiations with representatives of the authorities of this city will begin.Chang Geun stressed that many domestic companies are launching ICO in other countries, since South Korea is banned. Thus, the authorities restricted the possibilities of their citizens in the use of cryptoassets.Recall last month, the country's Supreme Court confirmed that cryptoassets could be confiscated during criminal investigations.
In Britain, they created an electric bicycle that can cryptocurrency
The company from the UK 50Cycles presented the first electric cycling - electric bike, which produces cryptocurrency, according to Coindais.A transport called Toba will offer a reward of £ 20 or $ 26.50 in LoyalCoin tokens (LYL), which are designed to increase brand loyalty. The reward for one thousand miles will be £ 20 ($ 26.56). The software will control the mining, for which the program on the smartphone will answer. And the keys that will allow access to the extracted coins are stored directly in a special electric bike device.This is an amazing product - the world's first tokenized bicycle. This device itself rewards its users - said the company's acting director.
The invention of a bicycle for mining only emphasizes the desire of 50Cycles to work with modern technologies.50 Cycles strives to be in everything first. Once we saw that electric bicycles have prospects. Now we realized that the future is behind cryptoassets and tokens, - said Scott Sneet.The company said that now they are cooperating with a start-up from Switzerland Loyaltycoin. But Toba electric bikes will have their own token, it will become one of the huge family of digital assets.Electric bicycles will enter the market in the fall of 2018. But prices are far from the most affordable: the cost of the cheapest copy exceeds $ 2,000.
Hollywood new trend - cinema about cryptocurrencies
Popularity of cryptocurrency not left without attention and Hollywood. There has already been successfully shot a movie in the genre of a thriller called Crypto, reports The Hollywood Reporter.At the heart of the script is a story about a young policeman who investigates corruption and fraud. The agent accidentally gets acquainted with a company, one of whose participants is a cryptocurrency enthusiast.Cryptoassets have already attracted the attention of investors and businessmen. But in the film industry, they will be presented for the first time, all the more so interesting, subtle and intriguing - says the producer.
At the beginning of the year the premiere of the film took place in the United States, although it was documentary. The film called Banking on Bitcoin tells about bitcoin, the latest developments and forecasts in the field of the cryptoindustry.Also shortly there will be a comedy "Bitcoin" on the screens. The creators say that the film will show the story of brothers who sell a purse with bitcoins. on account of which $ 20 million in cryptocurrency.
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