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Blocking technologies continue to gain popularity

Blocking technologies continue to gain popularity

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The Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange intends to introduce blockade technology
The Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange (ADX) is going to introduce blockchain technology. In this it will help a startup from Britain called Equichain, whose staff will give advice on the use of modern technology. The organizations have already signed an agreement earlier this week, writes CCN.Under the leadership of the financial start-up there are suppliers of market infrastructure and investors. The company intends to use the start-up to reduce the difficulties during the trade between these groups. The stock exchange will study the use of blockchain-technology for a group of market infrastructure suppliers. Equichain programs intend to do better speed and security calculations.
The initiative was created in order to easily link two different groups. It will help in this blockchain-platform, it will provide an opportunity to eliminate some parts of the trading cycle. Thus, the participants in the trade will be free of unnecessary actions and will have the resource to expand the scope of their activities. Rachel Al Blushi, Executive Director of ADX.In case of successful implementation of the blockchain, the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange will be the first exchange in the Middle East and North Africa, which implemented the technology of the distributed registry. The authorities are already developing legislative acts to regulate the activities of such exchanges in Abu Dhabi.
Chain G - the first in Ukraine blockchain-festival
The organizers of the first festival on the theme of blockchain said: billionaire Mark Ginzburg and ex-head of the Georgian tourism administration Giorgi Sigua. The event will last 2 days - on August 15 and 16. The event for the first time in Ukraine will bring together those who are interested in the blockchain and DJs.The event will be held in 4 stages:speeches of experts on blockade technology;discussions;networking;night disco for electronic music.Even officials will participate in the event. True, only in the official part."Bloсkchain is a revolution. Technology quickly changes the quality of our lives for the better. Blockchain will help make most deals fair, accelerate world decentralization and help fight corruption. - Mark Ginzburg noted.He also believes that blockchain is the technology of the future. And it needs to be developed according to modern trends.
"Standard conferences in five-star hotels no longer stimulate the emergence of unusual ideas. Networking requires a pleasant and easy environment, so that participants are not constrained, limited. And we will create such an atmosphere, "said one of the founders of the festival Mark Ginzburg.The founders say that event 2 has the main objectives: educational activities and a place where startup owners and investors can cross. An additional goal is to establish communication between the authorities and the owners of start-ups.Giorgi Sigua reported on holding talks with the stars who performed at the GEM-fest. In case of a positive decision, they will perform at Chain G.We have everything we need to conduct such a serious event at the highest level. Our headliners are one of the strongest in the field of blockchain and electronic music. But that is not all. At the festival you will see beautiful houses in a pine forest, a beach and quad bikes - Sigua reported.
Ireland seeks to attract investors in the field of blockchain-technologies from around the world
Ireland plans to launch a platform that will attract blockchain companies from around the world. The country's government is going to actively develop the digital economy and attract investment from abroad, reports The Irish Times."Blockchain-technology has a serious potential. We are striving for this technology to develop at the state level. Ireland should become a global hub for the development of various blockchain platforms, "said IDA's Information Technology Director Keith Fingleton.Ireland deservedly considers itself to be one of the world centers for attracting new technologies. Owners of projects tend to the country with low interest rates and low taxes.In early June, a system for developing applications based on distributed registry technology has already been launched in Germany.
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