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Абмеркавання і гутаркі на форуме Крыпта навіныуХенлі-Біч

Central banks are preparing to work with the cryptocurrency market 02.07.2018
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German bank is ready to work with blockchain-companies SolarisBank officially announced the launch of the Blockchain Factory program. Th

How does it relate to the cryptocurrency of Facebook, the Australian government and Ukrainian musicians 27.06.2018
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Facebook partially lifted the ban on advertising cryptocurrency Previously, Facebook completely banned any ICO advertising and all cryp

Lithuania is not ready for Russian investors in its ICO 26.06.2018
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The publication Politico reports that the Central Bank of Lithuania is not pleased with Russian investors in the Lithuanian ICO.The Lith

Investors panic, crypto analysts are calm 25.06.2018
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Cryptocurrency investors start to panic The platform alternative.me shows that the alarm among people who invested in cryptoassets has s

The fall of bitcoin, information about Satoshi Nakamoto and refusal to license mining in Ukraine 23.06.2018
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The cost of bitcoin fell again Yesterday, around 10 pm, the cost of bitcoin fell sharply. Its price was $ 5938, this is the minimum cost

How the world-famous companies implement blockchain technologies 22.06.2018
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Samsung launches new systems based on blockchain-technologies One of the divisions of Samsung presented the launch of a new logistics s

Blockchain-technologies continue to develop 21.06.2018
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IBM has developed an online course on blockсhain-technologies for India In India, an online course on such areas as architecture, design

New in the field of cryptoassets 20.06.2018
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The representative of the Eurasian Economic Commission: it is necessary to develop a uniform legislation in the field of cryptoassets I

New platforms based on blockchain-technologies 19.06.2018
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Eduard Shenderovich: blockchain is a necessary technology for real estate Information noise, too much information, chaotic impedes bus

Cryptobeach, a bicycle for mining and the first thriller about the cryptocurrency 18.06.2018
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Entrepreneurs of South Korea seek to open Cryptobeach South Korea seeks to create a blockchain community, similar to Cryptodolin in Swit

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